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How it all got started...

The founders of Use-it Rotterdam started their own information and service center in 1997. Since 1998 Use-it yearly publishes a budget guide for young people visiting Rotterdam, named Simply the Best. From 1997 till 2005 the Use-it desk was located at Conradstraat right next to Central Station. The location was known as Perron 0, which was crowded with a lot of drug addicts and other people you don't want to hang out with. In 2005 Use-it moved to Schaatsbaan 41-45, due to the reconstruction of the new train station. After 7 years Use-it had to move again due to construction of a car park. The temporary (Mathenesserlaan 173-JIP Office) location is going to host us until summer 2013, when we will go to Vijverhofstraat 47. 
Since 2004 Use-it Rotterdam has offered cheap accomodations at De Mafkees. It used to be above the office (Schaatsbaan 41-45) and could host almost 150 people. At the end of  the summer of 2012 De Mafkees has to closed. But now Use-it is ready to open the new sleep-in at Vijverhofstraat 47.