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Want to join our crew this summer?

We are looking for volunteers to join our team this summer. In the summer months it's busy with backpackers visiting our beautiful Rotterdam. We advice them on what to see and do on a budget. We show them the places in town that are interesting; not because they are touristic, but because we like it!


The tasks of a volunteer are divers. You can think of:

- Helping out at the informationdesk: provide city info, rent out bikes, etc.

- Guiding tours on kickbike or bike.

- Gathering info on what's going on in town and share it on internet.


To do this job, you will need to:

- speak English

- know a lot about Rotterdam

- be enthousiastic and openminded.


Would you like to join us this summer? Or would you like to have some more information?


Send us an email: rotterdam@use-it.nl

Volunteering at Use-it
Volunteering at Use-it